Monday, January 24, 2011


Coming soon to a TV screen near you, six critics, two shows, and lots of ideas about cool movies to put in your Netflix queue. A few of us whose job it is to go to the movies so you don't have to convened on a soundstage at Community TV yesterday (at an ungodly hour of the morning) to discuss our favorite films of 2010.

The occasion was a special edition of the Cinema Scene TV show, and our genial host was Richard von Busack, longtime film critic for the Santa Cruz Weekly and Metro newspapers. Going tete a tete with Richard over our faves of the year were Wallace Baine of the Sentinel, Greg Archer of Good Times, Bruce Bratton of Bratton Online, filmmaker Aleandro Adams, and me.

No, there were no knock-down, drag-out brawls this time out. With barely enough time for each of us to squeeze in our top five picks, there was no chance to challenge each other over them, so the gloves were definitely on. (If you're looking for a fight, come see Bruce, Wallace, and me when we debate the best and worst films of the year at our pre-Oscar discussion at the Nickelodeon, Sunday, February 20.) But the Cinema Scene show may surprise you with the diversity of titles offered up by our humble selves, some of which you may have never even heard of. These are movies we think you should run out and rent (or stream, or channel; whatever) right now, so check it out.

Community TV veteran Peter McGettigan produced the two-part show (aided and abetted by one-man film crew Emory Hudson), which should begin airing soon on CTV Channel 27/Charter 73, possibly in the old Cinema Scene time slot, Sundays and Thursdays at 8:30 pm. Or maybe not, so keep an eye on the CTV schedule. I'll let you know when it airs as soon as I find out.

(Not so obscure movie reference: apologies to the classic Yankee Doodle Dandy, in which Jimmy Cagney (as showman George M. Cohan) reads an issue of "Variety" with the headline: "Hicks Nix Sticks Pix.")

(Btw, Greg was kidding about his pick for Best Movie of the year. Seriously.)

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