Friday, May 6, 2011


Welcome to another of my bi-weekly James Durbin updates. I continue to watch American Idol, so you don't have to. (Just follow my links to the awesome videos!)

Last week, the voting public still respected James Durbin in the morning, after his haunting, yet driving rendition of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" the night before.

But you've got another think coming if you think you've seen everything he can do. Wednesday night, he turned in not one, but two of the solid, quality performances the judges have come to expect from him every week on American Idol—a straight-up rocker, with a side of passion such as we rarely see in showbizzy Idol performances.

James was up first with the rocker, "Closer to the Edge" from the modern emo rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, combining strong vocals with an easy onstage presence. But for his second number, James came back with something completely different (as usual), the emotional, yet explosive ballad "Without You," from Harry Nilsson. (Read more)


Today, only four contestants remain after last night's elimination round of American Idol, and, yes, James Durbin is one of them. He and fellow survivor Scotty McCreery continue to be the only two competitors who have never been in the bottom after a round of voting. The surprise last night was not who went home, but who else ended up hanging by a thread in the penalty box. (Read more.)

Next week, it's down to the Final Three. Go, James! And stay tuned...

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