Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Fritz Lang's silent Art Deco futuristic masterpiece, Metropolis, has been the gold standard for sci-fi film design since its release in 1927. The visuals are absolutely stunning for their era, or any era since, and with an added 25 minutes of "new" footage recently found in a film museum in Buenos Aires, the plot finally makes complete sense.

Now, the Rio Theatre and New Music Works invite you to immerse yourself in a total, mixed-media Metropolis experience this Friday and Saturday nights.

Accompanying these two special screenings of The Complete Metropolis will be the World Premiere of a new original musical score composed by Phil Collins (Santa Cruz County Artist of the Year, 2011), Performed live by the NMW Ensemble and guest artists Timba Harris, Colleen Donovan, and Ariose Singers. What's more, the lobby of the Rio Theatre will be transformed into a Deco Expressionist Berlin cityscape courtesy of cardboard artists Dag Weiser and Leslie Murray.

Here's a sneak peek. Now picture yourself swanning through this delicious backdrop in basic black and a rope of pearls, or robotic silver paint, because for the Gala Opening Night Reception, Friday night, you, The Public, are invited to come in costume. Dress up as your favorite character from the movie, or in an outfit inspired by the Art Deco era, or don your best Industrial-Age Steampunk chic. The Friday night reception begins at 6:30. The film screens each night at 8 pm.

Tickets available in advance at NMW online, or in person at Streetlight Records, or at the door. Check out the slideshow on the NMW page, or visit the IMDb Metropolis photo page, or just Google Metropolis, 1927, images, to get some very cool costume ideas.

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