Friday, January 20, 2012


I really do try not to clutter up this blog with too many of my Project Runway opinions, since everybody and his Great Aunt Lucretia already blogs about PR. But, seriously, what were they thinking last night on PR All Stars?

They had a simple enough challenge: design a cocktail dress for a pig. And not just any pig, but that international style icon, Miss Piggy, who also appeared on the dais as a guest judge. Since the designers are always being scolded to design for the client and not let their personal style aesthetic run away with them, I was sure designer Rami Kashou had hit one out of the park with this pink polka dot confection.

"That's the most ridiculous, outlandish thing I've ever seen," cried the diva of porcine pulchritude herself. "It looks like an explosion in a candy factory. I love it!"

So did Rami win for reading his client so perfectly? He did not. The prize went to Michael Costello for this couch-brocade sheath to which someone seems to have thumb-tacked one of those huge, ready-made, accordion Christmas bows.

I suppose it's chic enough in its way (except for that idiotic bow). But it's not s much fun as Rami's dress, nor does it capture the spirit of the flamboyant farmyard fashionista in quite the same way.

And as long as we're strolling down the runway, what about the Red Carpet looks at the Golden Globes? The prom-dress look was in: fitted top over big, voluminous skirt (often involving dyed feathers or other flouncy stuff). There also seemed to be a lot of nude-looking fabrics, sequins, and versions of the mermaid look.

But what happened with poor Kate Winslet? She looked like one of those PR models sent down the runway by a designer who didn't have time to finish the dress. The black satin bodice looked like it was still being pieced together over a white skirt that looked like a sheet grabbed at the last minute to cover her up.

This was so disappointing, since once upon a time, Kate absolutely rocked my all-time favorite awards dress ever.

Then there was Niciole Kidman, in a silver sheath fitted so tight and apparently soldered together with so many brass bolts, she looked like Robot Maria—and not in a good way. Iron Maiden chic.

What I loved was Laura Dern's simple, sleek emerald green sequined waterfall of a dress. In a word, yowza.


  1. I COMPLETELY agree that the judges missed the mark by a mile on the Miss Piggy challenge. Rami's dress was flouncy and flirty and fun and so very Miss Piggy. I can't at all picture her in that skin-tight wrapping paper dress. Robyn and I are both dazed and confused every time Michael wins - to our eyes his stuff looks so ordinary.

  2. I don't have a problem with Michael in general, but certainly the last two challenges he's won have been scandals! First, the judges flub the Miss Piggy thing. And Michael's winning dress this week, "inspired" by moonlight-pale grapefruit sorbet? I'm sorry, but that dress was, first of all, pink (The Divine Miss P would've loved it), and, second, it looked like Barbie's Pink Peignor outfit (a floaty nightgown, that is) from 1959. Mondo's cool cantaloupe confection definitely should have won!

  3. I so agree! How they could choose Michael's pink satin ode to Joan Crawford as the best outfit is just baffling! Especially in comparison to the uber cool cantaloupe caftan from Mondo.