Saturday, July 14, 2012


Check it out! Today's Google Doodle is an homage to Gustav Klimt!

As I mentioned in my recent post (see below), July 14 is the 150th anniversary of the great Klimt, leader of Vienna's Secession movement ca. 1900. They've been going nuts over Klimt in Vienna all year, in honor of this auspicious occasion, and I guess they're not the only ones!

For more on Klimt (and, seriously, you can't get enough of Klimt!) take a look at the video Bruce Bratton posted next to my little blurb in his online column this week.

Scroll about halfway down the page (it's under the blue Anchor in Antarctica box) for the video, "Klimt 2012. A kiss changes the world." To get the full effect, make sure you play it at full screen size.

Thanks, Bruce! And big thanks to Google for a lovely homage.

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