Sunday, September 9, 2012


Davenport's own Heather McDougal is a woman of many talents. She's an educator,  sculptor, beekeeper, designer, creator of the excellent blog, Cabinet of Wonders (which counts Neil Gaiman among its many fans), book reviewer, and short story writer. And, any minute now, she'll also be a published novelist.

Songs For a Machine Age, Heather's first book-length adventure in a clockwork world of mystery and magic of her own devising, will be available in bookstores and on Amazon in November, 2012. (Is this not a cool cover, or what?)

Heather's small, but intrepid publisher is Hadley Rille Books, which specializes in titles of fantasy, sci-fi, and archaeology. But the days are long gone when an author could just write the book, send it off, then sit back and be fabulous. Writing the book is just the beginning these days, and that's why Heather is personally taking her book to the prestigious World Fantasy Convention in Toronto in November.

But she has an even craftier plan to really jump-start the book, besides merely being there. Many of the genre's biggest writers, editors, reviewers, fans, and buzz-generators will be in attendance, and Heather's dream is to get copies of her new book into the free book bags handed out to every single attendee.  The only hitch is, Hadley Rille lacks the budgetary resources to finance this master plan.

So Heather has launched a fundraising campaign on the website Indiegogo. If she can raise the $1000 necessary to buy 100 copies of her book and get them distributed in conventioneers' book bags, she will reach a full one-eighth of  the event's 800+ attendees. (And of course, the more books she can buy to distribute, the merrier!)

If she raises the funds by October 15, she'll be able to get the books ordered and shipped in time. Meanwhile, YOU get an ebook or signed paperback of Songs For a Machine Age for your generous donation. Here's Heather to tell you all about it!

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