Monday, October 1, 2012


Well, this is exciting. Check out the cover for my new novel, Alias Hook!

My designer (who is also my editor; talk about multi-tasking) just sent this over from Snowbooks. She tells me the yellow bits will be in shiny gold foil, and the lettering will be embossed. Pretty cool for a trade paperback!

 I just love the script for the title, perfect for an 18th Century gentleman privateer penning his memoirs. And I like the tilt of that ship at sea, a visual metaphor for the shipwreck Hook's life has become.

(I had nothing to do with this cover, btw, as much as I'd love to take credit fo it. All I asked was that the designer steer clear of anything involving a large, shiny hook—too literal and way too Spielberg. Happily, she was way ahead of me!)

My publication date has been moved up to March, 2013. At first, the book will only be available in bookstores in the UK (and online, of course), but, as Hook himself might say, tomorrow the world!

In the meantime, take a look at my recent post on one hundred years of Captain Hook in the popular media, and why I think he's ripe for redemption.

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  1. Love the cover! As is so often the case, like with my recent trip, I find myself wishing we could tell Mom all about it, before remembering that we can't, or at least, "not as you and I know the meaning of the word." She'd have been so excited! But I prefer to think that she knows anyway. And congratulations on having the publication date moved UP--I take that as a sign of confidence on their part.