Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Want to know what's going on in arts and entertainment in Santa Cruz County?

Time to consult The Muse.

No, not the fabulous British rock band, or some unsung Greek demi-goddess of Information. I'm talking about The Muse, the new website devoted to our very own simmering cultural scene. Operating under the aegis of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, it's sort of an upscale online version of that paper's weekly Guide, except that news, stories, interviews and images are posted a lot more often.

The Sentinel's crackerjack arts team is also the braintrust behind The Muse. Entertainment Editor, man about town, and Mr. First Nighter Wallace Baine certainly needs no introduction from me. Entertainment columnist and popular fashionista Christa Martin, and maverick visual arts champion Kirby Scudder round out the masthead.

If you want to catch up with a column of Wallace's, Christa's or Kirby's that you missed, they're all online at The Muse. If you want to know about art in local galleries, dance, music, and theater productions, great places to eat, or cool new books to read, this is a good place to look. New posts are going up daily, if not more often, so there's always something new on the site.

The get everyone in the mood for The Muse, the perpetrators are hosting a community launch party this Thursday, February 28, 6-9 pm at SCICA Gallery in the Tannery Arts Center. Scores of local arty types will be there, including Pipa Pinon and Rhan Wilson, Tammi Brown, Ukulele Dick and Jayme Kelly Curtis, Richard Stockton, Lori Rivera, Sven Davis, and, oh, just scads of others. All ready, willing and able to hang out with you, the arts-going public! Check it out!

(Above The Muse of Poetry, from the Beethoven Frieze, by Gustav Klimt.)

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  1. From reader Judi Grunstra:

    I wish SOMEONE would publish even brief reviews of just SOME of the many musical events that we are so lucky to have here in Santa Cruz Surely there are plenty of people with a decent level of musical knowledge who can describe a performance by a well-known (or even lesser known) performer who has appeared at the Kuumbwa, Rio, Moe's, etc. I can't go to every concert but I'm often curious as to what I missed. I would think other music fans feels the same. Why not let The Muse start to remedy this?