Thursday, April 25, 2013



Just found out today that my novel, Alias Hook, has started shipping from its various online portals. The books (or the Hooks) are in the mail!

This is me doing the happy dance! (Okay, it's really Isadora Duncan, but you get the general idea...)

This first edition is coming out via my intrepid British publisher, Snowbooks, in the UK only. But it's available online as we speak over at The Book Depository for $US. Sadly, since the book started shipping today, it can no longer be offered at the insanely great pre-order price of $9.01. The current discounted price is $11.23, but that still includes FREE shipping worldwide!

If you're wondering what it's all about, Alfie, head over to my Alias Hook Facebook page for snippets, links, and cool illustrations!

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