Monday, March 24, 2014


Color me stoked to get this great review of Alias Hook in Publisher's Weekly this morning!

"Jensen’s second novel, a twist on the Peter Pan story which reconceives of Captain Hook as a tragic hero, shows how she’s matured as a writer since her excellent debut, A Witch from the Sea.

During the Restoration, James Benjamin Hookbridge becomes a privateer captain trapped in Neverland, where Peter Pan and his Lost Boys torment Hook and his crew over the centuries, cutting them down in battle again and again. Hook, however, can never die, while his crew is regularly replenished with former, now-grown Lost Boys, prompted to return to Neverland by their dreams.

There is also a succession of Wendys, but one of Peter’s rules is that no grown women are allowed back.

Yet Stella Parrish materializes in Neverland after coming from 1950s England, believing she was “called.” Peter is determined to use her to destroy Hook once and for all, while Hook sees Stella’s unique ability to understand the language spoken by Neverland’s magical inhabitants, including mermaids and fairies, as his chance to escape the island for good.

Jensen’s wonderful imagination and devotion to history and myth allow the reader to fly with her through this outstanding adventure—no fairy dust required."

I love it that this reviewer even mentioned my "excellent debut, The Witch From the Sea." Seriously, how cool is that?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do the Happy Dance!

(Above right: Snoopy Dance, by Charles Schulz, of course!)