Monday, April 28, 2014


Here's one for the ladies (and gentlemen of an enlightened nature).

Three words:




There I was, trolling around the Internets the other day, when I found this tasty tidbit on Benedict Cumberbatch  (beloved as Sherlock on PBS) and Tom Hiddleston (the delicious and sardonic Loki from the Thor films) in a video mash-up in which each busts some serious dance moves on chat shows, dance floors, sound stages, and a few other impromptu venues.

It's not like they're actually having a competition, you understand. Just a couple of guys letting off steam the way any of us might—by totally rocking out!

Here's the link.

Who wins?

Who loses?

Who cares?

Or, I should say, everyone's a winner with access to this irresistible video dance-off. Take 3 minutes out of your life and check it out. I guarantee, you'll be grinning like the Cheshire cat!

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