Monday, May 5, 2014


I don't know about you, but I never travel anywhere without a book. Fortunately for me, intrepid reader Kate Underwood feels the same way.

On a recent trip to London, she took along a copy of Alias Hook. (Fittingly enough, she brought the UK edition with the gold foil cover.)

And this morning, she sent me these cool pics from her excursion!

That's Kate standing next to the famous statue of Peter Pan in Hyde Park, next to the Kensington Gardens. According to her guidebook, this is the "most photographed statue in Hyde Park."

Of course, in my book, James Hook has a slightly different opinion:

He is partial to London. They have erected a statue to him there. Fancy, a public statue of Pan, the boy tyrant in his motley of leaves, like a king or a hero. While Hook is reviled, the evil pirate, the villain. There is no statue to me.

This other lovely photo speaks for itself. Afternoon tea and a good book in the Lobby Lounge a the Corinth Hotel. What could be better?

Kate also writes: "I love love love Alias Hook. I can't wait to see it on Broadway!"

From your lips to the ears of the Universe!

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