Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Coming this summer: Alias Hook makes its stage debut!

I couldn't have been more delighted when Sara Jo Czarnecki contacted me last summer to on behalf of Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation Teen Theatre. Sara had just read my book, and wanted my permission to turn it into a stage production.

Great! My policy as an author is: never discourage anyone who loves your book from spreading the word!

Although, to be honest, I wasn't really sure how well my book could be adapted for a cast of kids and teens (I believe the program includes ages 12 to 17). Yes, my story takes place in the Neverland, and involves Captain Hook and Peter Pan. But it's not necessarily a book for children, or even Young Adults (as my critics over at the Republic of Goodreads constantly remind me).

Costume design for Stella!
What's more, the fantastical Neverland setting might be a stretch for the stage at Louden Nelson, where the show will be produced. (I'm reminded of the line in Finding Neverland, where the impresario complains to J. M. Barrie, "Mermaids! Pirates! Fairies! It's a play for puppets!")

However, Sara and her co-conspirator, Darwin Garrett, sent me an early draft of the script they've been hammering together, and I'm impressed by the choices they're making. Obviously, they've had to trim away a lot of subplots and backstory out of necessity.

But the essential story is there—the arrival of Stella, a forbidden grown woman, in the Neverland (and her alliance with James Hook), Pan's tyranny, and Hook's desperate gambit to escape. Meanwhile, there are plenty of parts for pirates, natives (Indians), fairies and Lost boys to be beefed up for the youthful cast.

Sure, it seems like a daunting project, but Sara and Darwin are nothing if not fearless: the show they produced last summer for SCP&RTT was Around the World in 80 Days!

Show dates for Alias Hook are Friday, August 19, at 7 pm, and Saturday, August 20, at 2pm and 7pm. for more info and updates between now and then visit the SCP&RTeen Theater Facebook page.

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