Monday, May 14, 2018


Friends, if you'e missing James Aschbacher as much as I am, here are a couple more tributes that might ease the sadness a bit.

First is from his longtime friend and business partner, Joe Ferrara, co-owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld.

It's a lovely, heartfelt memoir of how they launched the store, way (WAY) back in the day, November, 1975.

But get a load of these vintage pics of the two of them as eager young entrepreneurs! Guaranteed to make you smile!

And here's one written by the mighty Michelle Williams, intrepid head of the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, in appreciation of all James did for the arts community.

It's kind of hard to imagine how the Santa Cruz arts community is going to forge ahead without James cheering them on.

But from the outpouring of love and support (and great stories!) that has been coming my way, I am comforted to think that my Art Boy continues to live on in the hearts of all who knew him!

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