Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Where do creative artists get their ideas? Art Boy always used to answer, "The Idea Channel," until he realized people were rushing home to check their cable listings.

In real life, creative inspiration springs from the strangest and often least expected sources, as varied as the artists, writers, musicians and dancers who seize a phantom idea and run with it.

This occurred to me while reading through a new ebook anthology called Story Behind the Book: Volume 1 (Essays on Writing Speculative Fiction). Imagine my delight when I found out an essay I wrote earlier this year on the writing of Alias Hook is included!

The book is presented under the auspices of the fine sci-fi/fantasy book website Upcoming Site editor Kristijan Meic edited the anthology with Ivana Steiner. It's an outgrowth of the website's regular feature, "The Story Behind..." wherein sf/f authors reveal the deep, dark secrets of their writing processes.

I’m very pleased to be included in these virtual pages with such distinguished fellow essayists as Jo Walton, Ian Whates, L. E. Modesitt, and Susan Palwick (among many others). Some 40 contributors discuss their inspiration for writing in a variety of speculative genres—epic fantasy, horror, alternative history, sword and sorcery, ghost stories, dystopian future sci-fi, absurdist zombie fiction, and what one author describes as "Hornblower in space."

 The book is up on Amazon and as we speak! All proceeds will be donated to the Epilepsy Action charity in the UK.

If you want to know where writers really get their ideas, check it out!

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