Monday, July 7, 2014


It's only a few scant hours before the US edition of Alias Hook officially launches!

My author's copies of the hardcover arrived today, and what a vision they are, sigh! It never gets old, opening up a box like this. Talk about Christmas in July!

Meanwhile, now playing on the Amazon page for Alias Hook is an excerpt from the Audible audiobook—which also releases tomorrow—expertly read by Ralph Lister!

Click on the "Listen" doohickey and prepare to be transported to the Neverland.

A 25-stop Blog Tour is also getting underway as we speak, wherein generous book blog proprietors allow me to flail away in guest posts or answer interview questions, all from the privacy of my own keyboard. Okay, I already do all of that here, but the cool thing is, many of these blogs are hosting giveaways of my book—as in free!

Like Amy Phillips Bruno at her excellent book blog, Passages to the Past. Her Alias Hook giveaway is open until July 13, so check it out!

Okay, all together now: 3...2..1...

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