Tuesday, July 1, 2014


There I was, cruising around on the Internets today, when I stumbled upon this lovely thing.

It's the new cover art for the upcoming audiobook of Alias Hook, and  I think it's pretty cool!

This image has it all—mermaid, fairy, flying boy, pirate ship, and a tropical island. And just a hint of a mysterious female presence—so mysterious, you might have to look twice to see her.

(Not to mention how perfectly color-coded it is to this blog! How did they know?)

The audiobook is releasing on the same day as the US edition, July 8. It will be read by Ralph Lister and it's available for pre-order as we speak as an Audible Audio Edition from Amazon.

Or you can pre-order it from Blackstone Audiobooks.

Sadly, there are no sample audio snippets available, at least, not yet. Guess we'll have to wait until next week!

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