Monday, February 23, 2015


As we all know, Oscar Season isn't complete without the Return of the (dreaded) Oscar Barbies! Yes, I got out the ol' doll trunks once again on Sunday morning before the show and cast a few of my old dolls as this year's Best Actress nominees.

In Oscar Barbie Land, it's all about the props. Most fun to do was Reese Witherspoon's character in Wild, the inexperienced hiker with her gigantic "Packzilla." A beat-up old khaki make-up pouch I found in the back of a drawer stands in for the backpack.

(And many thanks to Art Boy for figuring out how to attach it to her!)

All the other items are vintage Barbie accessories—which is why her hiking boots are (cringe) bubblegum pink! Not everything in the Barbie universe had to be pink, back in the early 60s, when the doll first came on the market: notice the road map, cookpot and sneakers. Once upon a time, she was chic, but that was before she started hanging out with those tarty Disney Princess dolls.

Here's the rest of the lineup: Marion Cotillard clutching her pink slip in Two Days, One Night, Felicity Jones, in a perfectly vintage '60s outfit in The Theory of Everything, and winner Julianne Moore, trying to hold on to her memory in Still Alice.

The fifth nominee was the easiest: Gone Girl.

In other news, 6 out of my top 8 Oscar predictions were right on this year.

(I was actually 10 for 12, if you count the four extra titles I cited in my Miscellany category.
Although my plug for Ida was not technically a prediction, it was more like wishful thinking. Anyway, I'm thrilled that it won!))

Unfortunately, the two categories I glaringly missed were Best Picture and Best Director. D'oh!

I should know by now to stick to the trail of the pre-Oscar craft guild awards; that's how I've managed to look so smart these last few years. The 2015 Oscars aligned with the guild winners right on schedule, including the wins for Alejandro González Iñárritu (Directors Guild) and Birdman (Producers Guild).

But this year I was really pulling for my favorite (Boyhood), so I ignored my own sage advice. Next year I’ll be back on my game!

Curtain call for the entire 2015 lineup

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