Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hey kids, the annual Hearts for the Arts show is up now at Artisans Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz.

Once upon a time, this was a gigantic art and social event held at the Santa Cruz Civic for artists and their collectors. The event itself has been downsized these days, like so much else, but its spirit is carried on by the intrepid crew at Artisans.

Here's how it works: dozens of local artists donate original work (not to exceed 10" x 10") in a variety of media. Out of this raw material, the Artisans elves construct a "Wall of Hearts" exhibition to be ogled by the public for the next two weeks.

At the end of that time, February 14, Valentine's Day, each piece will be auctioned off to lucky bidders, with proceeds to benefit the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, and its education programs, SPECTRA and Mariposa's Art.

 It's an ongoing silent auction, which means the public is invited to come by Artisans during the next two weeks, check out the artwork, and place bids on their favorites.

High bidders will claim their prizes when the auction closes on the 14th—so check back often, to see if you need to up your bid!

The usual wide variety of artwork is up for auction this year. Participating artists include Isobel George, Linda Levy, Claire Lerner, Sandra Cherk, T. Mike Walker, Margo Mullen, and James Aschbacher (that's his Trampoline of Love decorating my margin!), among many others.

The show also includes a rare sculpture from Maggie Renner Hellmann, found art assemblage from Peter Koronakos, jewelry from Lynn Guenther, printmaking from Melissa West and Stacy Frank, and lots of other treasures.

The silent auction runs through February 14. Drop by and bid on your favorite piece!

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